Chatbot Implementation Services

What are Chatbots?

Simply put, chatbots are programs based on new technologies such as AI, ML, and NLP that help automate tasks like answering questions in real-time, facilitating website access, providing custom help to users, etc. Chatbots are designed to act as customer support agents and give some preliminary service to users that can then be connected with real live agents.
As technology advances, chatbots get better and better at solving more complex tasks than just formulating pre-programmed responses to predefined questions.

Why Have a Chatbot?

The best time to have a chatbot was five years ago. The second best time is now. Imagine this; a chatbot is like having a 24/7 employee who never gets tired and can handle many repetitive and complex tasks. As a result, they behave like super nice customer service agents and help increase customer engagement, providing a bit of an SEO boost over time (by increasing session time). However, the benefits don’t end there. Having a chatbot can improve workflow, provide a support tool to agents by facilitating repetitive tasks, compile lots of valuable business data, improve the user experience for your clients, and reduce unnecessary costs (either by hiring less personnel or by keeping from adding more), etc.

Types of Chatbots

Also called “digital assistants” or “virtual agents,” chatbots process information in two different ways:

Declarative or Task-Oriented Bots

These chatbots focus on simple tasks and are generally programmed with predefined responses for common inquiries. They can still behave like agents (greet, thank, etc.) but are typically not as conversational, and their architecture is more structured and limited. These are the kinds of bots that you’ll find on most websites at the current time. They’re easier to develop, cost less and can be great for solving common queries a bit like an interactive FAQ.

Data-driven & Predictive Bots

Also called “conversational chatbots” - due to their language understanding capabilities - are bots that use predictive intelligence along with AI and analytics to produce responses to queries. Such responses are based on constantly updated and assimilated data so that they are dynamic and can even anticipate the user’s intent. Thanks to NLP, NLU, and ML, these chatbots can feel like virtual agents and can provide suggestions to the user or initiate a conversation more humanly than declarative bots.

Main Benefits of Chatbots

  • Providing structured information in a quick manner.
  • Saving time for the user & the business while handling several chats at the same time.
  • Compiling contact information and other details to schedule callbacks.
  • Generating a tremendous amount of valuable data for the business.
  • Solving issues more accurately and consistently maintaining a polite tone.
  • Redirecting queries to call centre agents for tasks that go beyond their capabilities.
  • 24/7 Customer Support.
  • Reducing bounce rate metrics by increasing website interaction and session time.
  • Creating a better virtual environment based on real-time customer support.

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