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Customer Lifetime Value Calculator

Use the CLV calculator to gain insights into their customers’ long-term value and make informed decisions about customer acquisition strategies, pricing, and marketing investments.

Understanding the Metrics

Average Deal Value: This refers to the average value of each sale or transaction made by your customers. It represents the typical amount of revenue generated from a single customer purchase.

Cost per Sale: This represents the expenses incurred to make each sale, including marketing costs, sales team salaries, and any other associated costs directly related to acquiring a customer.

Lifetime # of Sales per Customer: This refers to the average number of times a customer makes a purchase or engages in a transaction with your business over their entire lifetime as a customer. It takes into account repeat purchases or recurring transactions.

New Customer Acquisition Cost: This represents the expenses involved in acquiring a new customer. It includes marketing and advertising costs, lead generation expenses, and any other costs associated with attracting and converting new customers.

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