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Expert WordPress Web Design

Xansibar Design specializes in WordPress website design and development. We are constantly adapting to the industry’s newest Web technologies, design trends and security standards. In addition, we focus on User Experience (UX) design to ensure your site is easy to navigate, ensuring that your customers will have an optimal experience. That translates into more sales, better ranking and lower bounce rates.

A fully responsive website is not the exception anymore but the rule. With more and more mobile users joining the online world, responsive design, as well as cross-browser compatibility, are crucial for the success of your business and brand.

WordPress is a massive Content Management System (CMS) that, similarly to Android phones, has zillions of open-source plugins that add more functionality to a website. We have more than eight years of WordPress design and implementation experience, and we know how to integrate the best available plugins while, at the same time, ensuring that your Website remains fast and responsive. We combine the latest web technologies, such as HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript, with the power and stability of WordPress to create customized, practical and beautiful websites.

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We Craft Beautiful and SEO-Friendly Websites

WordPress is excellent for SEO because it is built with search engines in mind. It creates clean, semantic URLs for all your content and allows you to easily add title tags and meta descriptions to your pages and posts.

Additionally, WordPress has a variety of plugins that can help you optimize your content for specific keywords and phrases, automatically generate sitemaps and submit them to search engines.

Overall, WordPress makes it easy to create and manage a website that is optimized for search engines, which can help improve your search engine rankings and drive more traffic to your site.

Responsive Web Design

With the ever-increasing mobile traffic and transactions, as well as the different sizes of devices, responsive Websites are a must.

UX Web Design

User Experience design ensures a website is easily accessible and incorporates elements that consider a wide range of users and their limitations or needs. For example, having the right typography, menu font size or button location can make a difference in the user’s navigation experience.

Website Migration and Revamp

We offer website migration for those who have an outdated-looking Website or want a better alternative to share a blog, upload content, improve accessibility, or add more functionality.

WordPress Customization

We can modify WordPress themes to customize complete details via CSS script and other technologies.

WordPress Plugin Implementation

Do you need to add a cost calculator, a booking system or a real-estate map with properties available? We can help you find that missing puzzle piece, implement it and provide training on how to use it.

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