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Can an Increase of Time Spent on Your Site Improve Ranking?

While none of us know with certainty how the Google algorithm works (except them) in order to rank websites, we do know with a high probability that Google prioritizes websites with lots of content… especially if the content is valuable and well structured.

It is also known, thanks to Google Analytics insights, that time spent on a web page can also be an important contributing factor when it comes to ranking a website higher and even list it in the top Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).

As a website/online business owner one must be creative when getting to attract potential customers or leads, while at the same time giving something in return e.g.: valuable information, entertainment, tools, etc. It’s precisely in the latter that we will focus on in this article.

Free Online Tools as a Lead Magnet

So what do I mean by using tools to attract potential customers?

A few months ago, I had a client who needed to add some extra functionality to his WordPress website. The business needed some automatic way to produce results after their clients entered some information, instead of manually requesting such results directly from them. The solution was to install three online free calculators, that via JavaScript or plugins, could generate the needed answers right away. If you want to see them in action and have a better idea of how they work, feel free to visit their website at rsimmigration.com.

Online Calculators for Almost Anything

Depending on the business you have or the services you want to promote, you may need to be more creative in order to apply such tools. In some cases, that may not be a good option for your website, however, calculators or similar tools can be applied to a wide variety of things like polls, car calculators, investment calculators, mortgage calculators, etc.
Suppose you are the owner of a restaurant and you want to find out which dish or dishes are the ones your customers like best. Or imagine that you’re the owner of a pet store and want to add a calculator to let your customers know about the amount of food/money needed (on a monthly or weekly basis) for the maintenance of small, mid-size and big dogs.

Literally, any curious fact could have some kind of online tool that can help your business attract more potential customers while at the same time providing some value.
Furthermore, you can also obtain valuable insights from your customers (like in the case of the restaurant owner – who perhaps should focus on promoting the best dishes).

Improve UX and Gain Business Insights

Online tools such as calculators are valuable and can enhance your user experience (UX), provide you with valuable insights, and improve your site ranking. They can be applicable to a wide range of industries or businesses and only require a bit of creativity and a good implementation web developer.

If you want to know how we can help you build such tools or you need some help brainstorming, feel free to reach us and we will be glad to be your marketing partner.

Thanks for reading, sharing and supporting us!

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