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Useful online marketing tools for 2022

In this day and age, most company owners understand all too well that search engine algorithms can dictate whether their businesses experience standout success or fall short of expectations. Getting the attention of search engines — also known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the oldest digital marketing strategies in the book. That said, it remains one of the most effective strategies for most industries.

Understanding that search engines can be an effective route toward success is a significant first step, as it helps you set the road-map for everything else within your business. While many other things deserve your focus and attention, if you take the time to consider your place in digital marketing, you’ll always have a chance at success.

For example, did you know that user experience (UX) plays an integral part in getting the attention of both your target audience and the most popular search engines? Here’s how UX can affect your Google ranking 2022.

Taking into account the recent Google patch

Without a doubt, any update made to the Google search algorithm is enough to get any business to take note. For example, the recent Google Page Experience Update had many business owners scrambling to ensure their primary websites were both convenient and affordable.

It says a lot about how crucial UX is when building any company. While many company owners worked hard to improve customer satisfaction, businesses that already prioritized UX could breathe easier knowing their efforts weren’t in vain. No matter your chosen industry, a focus on customer satisfaction and SEO is never a wasted effort, even if it seems like it might not get the results you want.

There’s no more room for speculation, as the Page Experience Update makes it clear that UX matters.

Tackling accessibility and convenience with web design

As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure your customers have a great experience with your company. While we’ve already stressed the fact that UX matters, it might come as a surprise just how easy it is to offer customer satisfaction in the form of web optimization.
For example, there’s no need to get confused with site features when dealing with web optimization. Instead, you can focus on keeping things simple, ensuring that your online visitors have an easy route to the checkout page. Taking the minimalist approach ensures that you don’t have to work as hard and helps new business owners get the attention of the target demographic as soon as possible.

Using unorthodox tactics to improve UX

There are quite a few other things of note when designing a website with customer satisfaction in mind. One of the most unlikely places to make a difference would be the 404 page, which typically occurs with a broken link or a mistyped address. It’s hard to imagine a 404 page making a difference, but you can work toward user engagement by building a custom 404 page based on the theme of your website. There’s no reason to get too carried away with a 404 page, but the simple act of personalizing the page to help encourage users to try again can make all the difference.
There are other interesting ways to help make improvements, such as personalizing website pop-ups and focusing on the mobile industry.


UX is one of the most crucial aspects of growing a business, and some company owners are only figuring it out recently with the Google update. For startups trying to get off the ground, focusing on customer satisfaction and website UX is a fantastic way to steer your company in the right direction.

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